Beautiful Lie or Ugly Truth



The problem of violence, abuse, and maltreatment is a global problem, and the abuser might be from all society levels, from poor and rich, from all religions, from people who are educated and not educated, and from intellectuals and non-intellectuals. The majority of violence, abuse and maltreatment occur within a family, and the majority of abusers are known to the victim.

It might be the child abuser, or the abuser or the victim of the abuser as a human being:

  • One of the family members
  • Care takers
  • One of the friends
  • An acquaintance
  • Strangers
  • Teachers
  • Professionals
  • Power holders like police members
  • Even children themselves.


Research indicates that the child is able to protect himself in the case of training but whenever the aggressor is closer and alerted to his victim, then it becomes harder for the child to detect the attack and put a stop to it.

I believe it is difficult for a large proportion of children especially young children to report violence and abuse practiced against them; although, they are the most vulnerable category targeted to abuse and are the most affected by all the violence, abuse and maltreatment.

Here is a Broward Country Public Schools 2012-2013 report regarding child abuse types taking place in schools.

Broward Cournty Public Schools

I honestly think that it is good to ask questions. Can schools notify parents or guardians of a child perpetrator? Is it wrong to report child abuse? Would you stand with an abused child and protect him/her from harm?

Dave Pelzer once said:  “Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.”




Hakim, Yoad Ghanadry. Our Children and How We Protect Them? Palestine: Qader for Community Development, 2013. Print.

Picture #1 – Lipsticks & Politics

Picture #2 – Family Structure and Function

Picture #3- Supporting Schools and Community


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Lie or Ugly Truth

  1. unfortunately this issue is very problematic, the reason for that is generating from the parents lack of notice and the children’s fear to report believing they would be subjected to punishment at some point. Children must be taught at young age about this issue to avoid futuristic psychological outcomes. Children deserve to enjoy their childhood to the fullest and not be mistreated or living in avoidance.


    1. Totally agree with you! Well said. I could say that it is the ugly truth! Awareness is an important act especially in young ages to prevent future harm. Unfortunately there are many issues and cases just like this nowadays. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to read this! 🙂

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  2. If we were able to eliminate all child abuse, I believe almost all the violence that occurs in this world, would end. I understand that abuse victims often grow up to become abusers themselves. The fact that so much violence exists, tells me just how great this problem of child abuse continues to be.


    1. True that! In addition to the idea of even if a child was abused, its not necessary for them to grow up abusing others. I have friend of mine who went through such a case, and now she works in the psychology field. I love how she went through such experience, but she chose to stand up on her feet and make a change. Hopefully there will be an end to violence one day! Prayers.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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