So Young, So Damaged!

Take a look at those children. Understand. Ask questions.










Picture #1 – Bitlandders

Picture #2 – Favim

Picture #3 – Open Your Heart

Picture #4 – Isaacs

Picture #5 – Adutoyseq

Picture #6 – Coalition for Responsible Home Education


4 thoughts on “So Young, So Damaged!

  1. Its devastating to even learn about this issue! Focusing on one point thrown in the images “the bruises will heal but the scars will last a life time”-Very tough statement yet I believe many people were able to move on and not let this bruise scar them. We often go through phases in ourlives but they give different outcomes. This bruise shouldn’t last a lifetime, not that it would be easy to detach it but slide it on and comprehend what was behind it to learn, help others and confront such troubled moments others are dealing with by giving voice to be heard.


    1. I totally agree with you! Also, don’t forget that it depends on the person himself and how they want to overcome such issue. One good way to start facing the issue is by talking about it with someone, or in other words moving forward. I love a quote that says: “Don’t say why me, instead try me.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear 🙂

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