Brother and Sister Separated By Israel Joined By Love

A short story about a brother and a sister separated by force.




My name is Balqees, 20 years old. I woke up on the 13th of September to the tens of Israeli soldiers who broke into our house at 3 am in the morning to arrest my 14 years old baby brother Abed AlNasser Mahmoud Odeh.


I thought I knew what a heartbreak felt like, I thought I have experienced real pain when someone I knew passed away, or when my exes broke up with me, or when I had my surgeries or when the two best friends betrayed me. I thought I knew, but I did not. Nothing shattered my heart more than seeing him behind the bars; I can’t reach him! He’s cold, he’s hungry, he’s being beaten everyday, and I cannot do anything about it, I just wish I can take him away, hide him from this brutality and injustice, I just wish he’d forget he was once hanged for days, that he was once deprived from his right to food, shelter, medical treatment, and maybe some dignity.


You might think to yourself, what has he done? I don’t know. all I know is that murderers around the world get treated better. Then who the heck imprisons a child? then brutally beats him until his head becomes bumpy? He has been in jail for 74 days now, and I want him back, I want to see him live normally again around us. I don’t want to see a man when I look into the eyes of a 15 year old, I want to see my baby with the sparkle back to his eyes, he cannot grow up more than this away from me, I want him back.”


All my prayers are with you and your brother. All I can do in this case is share your story with at least the ones who care about child abuse and wants to make a change. Stay strong!

Violated Childhood Here is a video I shot and edited talks about child abuse. My message is: It starts with the scene of a little kid sleeping and he is dreaming. His dream was about how he watched news on the TV of an Israeli soldier who frightened a small kid with his gun and made him stand on the wall to search him. This shows how the kid was scared of getting shot or killed if he did not obey what the soldier told him to do. His dream showed his fear of what he saw and how he dreams of getting shot in his own house. The kid is not safe either in presence or safe in dreams. At the end, he wakes up and smiles that it was just a dream.


6 thoughts on “Brother and Sister Separated By Israel Joined By Love

  1. This is really sad but true. Almost every Palestinian knows someone in the Israeli jails and it’s hard for them, let alone when they’re your sibling. I hope he gets out soon and get reunited with Balqees and his family.

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