Your Child Will Follow Your Example, Not Your advice!

THE WITNESS CHILD “is every child who lives in an environment where the parent or a care taker is being abused or maltreated.”


Children Witness Parental Abuse

Such as:

  • Witnessing abusive behaviors the parent or care taker subject to.
  • Using a child as a defense wall from abusive behaviors that the parent or care taker is facing.
  • Using the child as a spy for the abusive parent or care taker.
  • Forcing a child to participate in the abuse.

The impact of practicing abuse and violence towards children

The abuse factors connect and interfere together to become a part of the child growth characteristics, his/her self perception, and life.

Abuse and Maltreatment leaves short term and long term effects on victims, the intensity of the impact is related to several factors such as: the type of practiced abuse, its duration, the nature of the abuse, the relation or closeness of the abuser to the victim, the age of the child victim, his or her character, and self capacities to deal with crisis and surrounding environment. It is also affected by the quality of support and encouragement the child got from his family or other resources during his / her life.

Children See!


Abuse leaves health, psychological, physical, and behavioral scars on the victim child.

Studies indicates that in some cases abuse can cause fatal injuries to a child or chronic severe disabilities that might affect the child all his life. As long as the duration of the abuse gets longer, more severe, and if the abuser is more closer to the victim, then the short term and long term impacts are more intense.

Here is a short film called “CHILDREN SEE, CHILDREN DO.”

Children See, Children Do






Picture #1 :Parenting – Fight the Right Way

Picture #2 : Fr Anthony Messeh, Finding God in Everyday life.

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13 thoughts on “Your Child Will Follow Your Example, Not Your advice!

    1. The victim parent should seek psycho social support for the abused child and if possible to find a way to convince the parent abuser to seek psychological support as well. In addition, maybe police interference might be a necessity in that case. Thanks!


  1. The material offered here about child abuse is more than enough and to be honest this covers the whole subject. Children are being abused intentionally by some parents or care takers and most of the time especially in our society are facing a lot of unintentionally abusing , but still hurt by the superior behaviors implemented by some fathers and mothers, but most of the time by the society and even at school, because teachers and parents sometimes hurt their children in various ways such as shouting in their faces when they misunderstand or do something wrong. The worst of all is physical abusement done by the care taker. This essay is more than just covering and specific, I must say that everyone needs to read this. Great job Maya!


  2. I like it, you have a lot of interesting ideas, I agree with you , we should to take care on our children and be careful what we do in front of them.. it is more than amazing good job I was so happy while I read it


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