You Don’t Have to Hit to Hurt!

What is Psychological Abuse?

“Psychological abuse or maltreatment towards a child is the failure of the parent or care taker to provide a healthy,safe, and encouraging environment for the child which allows to develop his/her social and emotional capabilities which goes with his/her personal environmental capabilities. “

Child Abuse

HOW can the parent or care giver enforce psychological abuse to the child?

  • Continuous rejection, criticism, insult, contempt, intimidation, and education of delinquency and crime.
  •  Enforcing the child to witness physical abuse on people around him/her.
  • Punishing the child for his willingness learn about his/her surrounding.
  • Not responding to emotional needs of the child.

WHAT are the signs to discover existence of psychological abuse?

Parents Fighting

Several Physical Signs and indicators such as:

  • Eating disturbances like:
  1. Anorexia
  2. Bulimia
  3. Obesity
  • Language disturbances like:

Stuttering and non-developed language.

  • Stomach Pains
  1. Itching
  2. Facial muscle spams
  3. Pain complains

Several Behavioral Signs and indicators such as:

  • Pattern behavior like: Head banging.
  • Cruel behavior harming other children or animals.
  • Showing enjoyment is abusing other children, adults, and animals.
  • A child showing enjoyment when a child is subject to abuse.
  • Behaviors that are inappropriate to his/her development stage like: bed-wetting.

I think Psychological Abuse has a long term damage on a child. If its not figured out or prevented, the child’s life is in danger no matter how old he/she is. Recovering might take years and the child might not recover at all. Here is a short film talking about Verbal abuse and emotional abuse.

People should be aware of what they say, to whom, and in front of whom. You don’t have to hit to hurt. So, always think before you speak and act.

Hakim, Yoad Ghanadry. Our Children and How We Protect Them? Palestine: Qader for Community Development, 2013. Print.

ChildLine. Words can hurt – Verbal Abuse and Emotional Abuse. Youtube, Feb. 14, 2013.


6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Hit to Hurt!

  1. Maya, i think you did a really good work, but why haven’t you mentioned a way to solve this especially in our society ,accurately the government schools, because we all know that teachers insults most of the students, and they carry a stick to hit students with it, and supervision is really weak, so if its keeping going on that way perhaps it will effect to children and they will think its okay to insult or hit someone else so as you mention in your blog its will be as a circle, so we are not going anywhere with this, we should reach a point where we can stop this at least at school where most of the children Raised. keep up the good work i like where you are going with this.


  2. By mentioning the signs, I could say that’s a start to solving this. Don’t you think? In addition, there are several ways to solve such cases and issues. It depends on what is the case, who is being abused, who is the abuser, etc. It is important to spread awareness. I think that is the least the person can do.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and maybe in the future blog posts, i’ll be able to come up with more awareness information and advice.


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