Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Story… It will Inspire Others.

What is SEXUAL ABUSE? It is exposing a child into unfamiliar or unacceptable behaviors that he/she is incapable of understanding or absorbing and force their approval on it.

Sexual Abuse

How can sexual abuse be identified? Is it really a serious issue that we all in my opinion should have the knowledge about?

I shall propose some actions that one considered to be sexual abuse or harassment:

  • Palpating a child in a sexual way.
  • Make a child palpates an adult in a sexual way.
  • Undress a child or to be undressed in front of him/her.
  • Make a child or allow him to watch sexual pictures/images or videos.
  • Sexual talks.
  • Bathing together.
  • Providing a child with sexual information that is not suitable to his/her development stage.
  • Raping a child.

How can parents/ care givers/ relatives/ teachers see, observe, identify signs of sexual abuse?


There are physical signs that can be identified, if we see a child with dirty underwear or he’s any sexual secretions or blood, continuous infections in the throat or in their urinary tract, continues complaints of physical pains, pain or irritability in genital areas, sexual transmitted disease occurring, bleeding and of course pregnancy.

If those physical s are not noticed, there are behavioral signs can lead to identify that a child might be facing such situations.

In my opinion, adults should not ignore or misinterpret behavioral signs like this, if your d is telling you that he/she has been sexually abused, if your child had a regression behavior, or showed inappropriate lusting or seducing behaviors, difficulty in sleeping, and nightmares, unexpected attention to sexual issues, avoiding changing of clothes or exaggeration or declining in school.

Hakim, Yoad Ghanadry. Our Children and How We Protect Them? Palestine: Qader for Community Development, 2013. Print.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Story… It will Inspire Others.

  1. I was sexually abused as a child all the way until I was 17. And I remember always having UTI. I didn’t tell anyone until I was 17 and before then, when I was a child, my mum took me to the GP so many times but they never thought that could be a cause. I even used to wet the bed – couldn’t help it- right until I was probably 15. So embarrassing. But when the abuse stopped that stopped too. I never even linked the two until reading this.


    1. I am really sorry to hear your story… Also, I appreciate and thank you deeply for sharing your story with us through this blog. The aim of it is to raise people’s awareness towards violence / abuse and make parents more attentive to their children who can be always subject to all kinds of abuse.
      It is really a tragedy to face such an experience all your childhood, and I personally believe and advice you to seek professional help. You need to relief yourself from this overwhelming trauma that will be affecting your adult life. Please try to find a trusted adult and ask for help in order to get this off your shoulders and let a professional help you get out of it! My prayers are with you.

      Share and lets make a change. Let’s save a life!
      Thank you!

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  2. This is one of the most important issues that parents should take care of it. They must teach their kids how to deal in these cases, and not feel ashamed of telling this to them. Because being afraid of telling the parents will make the things harder and to happen more than one time

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