Violated Children / Abuse / Negligence/ Maltreatment

NEGLECTWhat is violence/abuse/ Maltreatment? Well, Its basically the attempt of using physical power or the threat of using it against oneself, someone, groups, or a local community which results in injuries, killing, disability, self-injury, or even deprivation. Child abuse affect children mentally and physically. How?

Negligence is one of many that shows incapability of a care giver provide development needs for the child such as emotional, physical, health and social basic needs.

Negligence Areas:

Food, clothing, shelter, education, supervisions, medical care, psychological care, emotional care, hygiene and secured environment.

Indicators of Negligence:


  1. Lack of personal Hygiene.
  2. Lack of vaccination.
  3. Clear length and weight less than average.
  4. Untreated injuries, diseases, and bruises.
  5. Sun burns and injuries from insects.
  6. Inappropriate clothing or lack of under-wears or insufficient clothing depending on the weather.


  1. Continuous absence.
  2. School irregular attendance.
  3. Begging for food or collecting food from trash or others.
  4. Baring responsibilities that belongs to adults.
  5. Continuous claims by the child of the lack of caring adults at home.
  6. Chronic hunger or fatigue.

Hakim, Yoad Ghanadry. Our Children and How We Protect Them? Palestine: Qader for Community Development, 2013. Print.


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